Free Joomla IM of 123 Web Messenger 1.0 Free Download

Shareware: You can try this program, but this version has some limited features or time usage restrictions. You should purchase it in order to remove those limits.

Free Joomla IM of 123 Web Messenger 1.0 Free Download screenshot

Free Joomla IM of 123 Web Messenger is an application that can empower your website by the introduction of instant messaging and chat bar that works similar to that in Facebook, a 123 Web Messenger. The chat panel is capable of text and video option that will surely draw more active users on your site.

With Free Joomla IM of 123 Web Messenger, adding the 123 Web Messenger to your Joomla site is quick and easy. Once done, users need not log in since it is automatically accessible, just click at the icon on the website’s interface and chat with your online friends.

Now, Website Administrator has better powered Admin Panel through Free Joomla IM of 123 Web Messenger. Admin can regulate guest login box, add friend, chat invitation and other customizable UI designs.

The free Joomla Instant Messaging Module allows you the ability to add 123 Web Messenger into your Joomla website. It enables your website more powerful with the 'Facebook Messenger Style Web Chat Bar' and more interactive to turn the visitors to registered members and get them stick to your website.

Introduction of free 123 Web Messenger for Joomla:

1) Facebook Messenger Style Web Chat Bar

After the seamless integration of Joomla database with 123 Web Messenger, a Facebook Messenger style web chat bar will appear at the bottom of page, similar to the Facebook Messenger / Facebook Chat. It allows users to chat with each other from 123 Web Messenger’s interface in the web page: click the icon to popup the friend list of 123 Web Messenger to chat with buddies on website conveniently.

2) Integration and auto-login

With the module of Joomla Instant Messaging, you will get great help in seamlessly integrating the 123 Web Messenger with your existing Joomla database. After the successful integration, your Joomla users may access 123 Web Messenger without re-entering their username and password.

3) FREE integration support from 123 Web Messenger

123 Web Messenger supplies free installation and integration support to both license buyer and hosting service buyer.

Online Joomla Instant Messaging Demo:

Know more about 123 Web Messenger:

123 Web Messenger is a real-time instant messaging software for your own website.

It has 3 forms: web-based chat client and an optional instant messaging desktop application with friend list function, and a brand new client is added in version 2.2 & above, which named Facebook Messenger Style Web Chat Bar, empowering your website with a Facebook style web messenger. All of the clients are secure, reliable and feature-rich with ease of use.

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Free Joomla IM of 123 Web Messenger 1.0 Free Download screenshot